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Gardens lawns
well once again told at weekend someone would be doing the lawns and yards we've been here 7 weeks and seen only one person in that time cut some of are grass even tho it is supposed to be done weekly today was told that what we was told was untrue and someone would be round to do lawns after getting hoa people to come and see the state of the grass and weeds we are once again promised that they will get someone out Tuesday I don't hold any hope of this haping .it seems only garden work that gets done is if ther is a open house or the gardens at the show homes are done and the main road every day. So sounds like a load of bull...t again what do we pay hoa fees for to get nothing and to receive bull...t from lennar where's your customer service . Oh sorry your more interested in selling than sorting your problems with the houses you have already built what a bunch of con artists?????????????????

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